Prevent Rodents And Insects From Entering Your Home Or Building With Pestplug
No Killing
Easy to Install
No Chemicals

What is Pestplug?
  • PESTPLUG™ is widely used to prevent Rodents and Pests from entering your home, commercial building, RV’s and other structures.
  • Pestplug is made from a proprietary process that stitches multiple layers of coarse stainless steel wool / fibers together.
  • Pests can not chew or burrow through the needle like prickly fibers of coarse stainless steel wool.
  • Unlike traditional household steel wool or soap pads from a hardware store, Pestplug will not rust or corrode.
  • When properly installed, Pestplug forms a protective barrier that is virtually impassible by rodents, bats, scorpions, lizards, and other pests.
  • Pestplug is very easy to install and it is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY so you do not need to use pesticides, chemicals or even poison.
pestplug ground cover

Ground Cover

pestplug contractor kit

Contractor Kit

pestplug sill plate filler

Sill Plate Filler

pestplug kit

4" x 10' x 1/2"

pestplug - coarse stainless steel wool

Coarse Stainless Steel Wool

Why Use Pestplug?
No Killing & No Mess
Easy To Install
No Chemicals
Environmentally Friendly
Rust Free – No Stains
Permanent Solution
Rodents Carry Over 35 Diseases