…”Outstanding customer service, quality products, and the packaging is comprehensive for the work at hand. I’d gladly do business with International Steel Wool again.”

…”I really like this stuff! Works as advertised. Other reviews have negative things to say about the scissors…..I have found they work fine, they are not intended to last beyond the roll of steel wool.”

…”Very cool, glad I could find stainless wool on Amazon. Putting around sills and windows and HVAC registers in rehab. Also using hunks of it to clean tools. No one likes to chew this stuff, not people, not mice, and apparently not bugs. I also dosed mine with diatomaceous earth for a belt & suspenders approach.”

…”I have not had any more mice indoors since I installed the steel wool. I had to use tin snips to cut 4 inch X 25 ft size into 3 equal widths, then tucked the 25 ft lengths up into the space between the foundation and the Trim board.”

…”So far this product is working to keep field mice out of my garage and home. Got to be very careful when handling the steel wool since it is much more “prickly” than ordinary steel wool. It fills in gaps nicely. Worth the price.”

…”Tried to eliminate rats getting under the crawl space of my house. They were entering through a small hole they made where the AC freon lines go through the wall. Tried 3 different kinds of rat poison in Eaton bait stations. (Just One Bite II, Eaton 709PN, and Havoc.) A month later rats still going strong. They would just push the rat bait blocks out of they way I placed in their path, or not touch the baits in the stations. Wasted over $100 on bait and stations when this SS wool would have done the trick from the start to keep them out.”

…”Stopped the scorpion horde invasion! Buy it!”

…”Good for sealing up under and in the cabinet one inch holes that mice/rats can get through. Gross.”

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